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Dear Pupil,

You are not sure yet, what to do with your life? You do not know yet, if to make an apprenticeship, or what studies might be right for you? Then The Komplizen are what you need. We can help you to design your future according to your individual skills and interest, with a combination of seminars, work place visitations and of course our mentoring-programm.

For becoming a mentee, you should fulfill the following preconditions:

You should be in 10th or 11th grade and your school should be in the same city as one of our branches. The participation is not dependant on academic achievements, family background or talent. But, you should be highly motivated to profit from our programm and commit yourself to one year of participation.

This is how it takes place:

With the help of a professional coach you will work out your personal profile and potential. You get to know different business sectors, that might suite you, you exercise the writing of applications as well as communication rules and network maintenance. The result of the seminar is the base for your participation.

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