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Welcome at The Komplizen

Starting your working life motivated, self-confident and well prepared – that is where The Komplizen set in and help. We offer pupils that are in changeover between school, apprenticeship and university a combination of mentoring-network and seminars in order to allow them to identify and exploit their professional interests, suitabilities and perspectives with the help of people that already started their career.

A mentor is something like an older friend, who is at your side helping with his professional and life experience and likes sharing his knowledge. At The Komplizen, mentors are young professionals coming from the field of Economy, Science or Culture, who serve as a contact person for several months for the „inexperienced“ mentees in question about working life and general life issues.  In each case a pupil and a mentor compose a two-party-team (tandem) with similar interests that stands in mutual exchange. This creates a dialogue between generations and understanding in the stress field of religion, culture, education and status.

The programm is framed on the one hand by seminars in which the pupils work out their personal profile and potential with the help of a professional coach, on the other hand there takes place a special training for the mentors in order to prepare them for their role as a mentor. In addition to that the pupils have the possibility to explore the working place of their mentors during a 2-hours visit. Furthermore there will be accompagning voluntary events and network-meetings.

The participation at The Komplizen-Programme lays the foundation for the buildup of a lifelong network, in which at he best the pupil himself will be a mentor one day.

Right now The Komplizen-Programm exists in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart.


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